The NextGen SysML Modeling Tool

Edit SysML v2 models with Eclipse SysON, an open-source and web-based MBSE modeling tool.

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Standard Compliant

SysON aims at providing an implementation of the OMG’s specification SysML v2: language concepts, REST API, and interoperability textual format


Graphical, form-based and tabular structured editors that can be used from a web browser, without any specific installation on user's desktop


Hosted in the Eclipse community, SysON aims to catalyze industrial collaboration, accelerate innovation, and foster the adoption of SysMLv2


SysML was created in 2005 as a standard for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to elevate the role of models as primary tools for communication and documentation.

With system complexity continuing to escalate exponentially, and Digital Engineering emerging as a pivotal pillar to address an ever-challenging world, SysML 2.0 has been specified as the next-generation systems modeling language to improve precision, expressiveness, and usability.

SysON’s objective is to provide System Engineers with super easy access to this new standard, at minimal cost and great ease of use, with the guarantee of interoperability with other open-source MBSE tools notably Capella and Papyrus.

This will be achieved through three means: the support of the SysML 2.0 standard, the use of state-of-the-art web technologies, and an open-source approach.


General View

The General View is a graphical representation that enables to display any members of a SysMLv2 model as a graph of nodes and edges.

Interconnection View

The Interconnection View is a graphical representation on which you can see how parts, that are modular units of the systems, interact with each other through ports.

Model Libraries

Model libraries are an integral part of the SysMLv2 standard for facilitating the reuse and the composition of system models between users. It is natively supported in SysON.

Textual Import/Export

SysML v2 defines a textual notation that is an additional view on the model. It allows different users and tools to exchange the content of models in a standard and human-readable format.

Capella Interoperability

SysON aims at facilitating systems engineers to seamlessly work with both SysML v2 and Capella. Exchange of architecture models with Capella will be natively supported in SysON.


The project team works in an iterative mode to deliver a new version every 8 weeks


  • Initial Contribution by Obeo and CEA-List
  • Project and continuous integration setup


  • General View improvements
  • New Action Flow and Requirements views
  • Standard KerML and SysML libraries
  • Textual import
  • Explorer view filters
  • Layout helpers


  • New State Transition view
  • Improvements of General and Interconnexion views
  • Performance improvements
  • Textual Export
  • Deletion confirmation
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Start of the Early Adopters Program


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